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Block Yard - Port Newark

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About the Company

Block Yard - Port Newark

Belgian Block Sales Co.

Specializing in the importation and distribution
of granite cobblestone, Belgian Block Sales
Company offers quality granite products in a wide
variety of sizes and colors. Our vast inventory is
available in bulk or palletized form, and is
sold by the ton, by the piece, or by the pallet.

Belgian Block Sales Company, located in
Port Newark, New Jersey, assures you of quality
and convenience. Our block
is unaffected by salts,
or freeze-thaw cycles.

e-mail: Info@belgianblock.com

Belgian Block Trucks Belgian Block Trucks Belgian Block Trucks Belgian Block Trucks
Our products, weighed by certified stamping machines, are available F.O.B. our yards or can be delivered anywhere.

Belgian Block Sales Co.
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